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Routine Banjo Maintenance

Hi @BanjoBen, your site is great! I’ve been pickin’ for about a year and it’s been a huge help.

One question - do you have any lessons on routing banjo maintenance? I’m wondering how to polish the nickel plating, if there’s anything I need to put on my fretboard or the neck, etc. Any input would be much appreciated!


Hi John

I use Simichrome Polish on the nickel plating and Glyde-Cote for the wood I got these from the Stelling Banjo Co

I use Lemon Oil on the finger board. I only use the tiniest amount of each of these products, in fact I bought them 10 years ago and I still have a lot left.

Check with @Jake at the General Store to see if he stocks these or can offer an alternative…

Just a word of caution about nickel plating it does rub off so be aware that some metal polishes have an abrasive additive. Read the label point__laugh


The general store has some very good and BBC approved products for all your clean and shiny Banjo needs. From stem to stern they got what you desire!:sunglasses:


I don’t have any vids on it, but I need to! Please email @AdamAsh at and he’ll get you taken care of!


@jawhaling8 I just emailed Jake about the same thing last week. Got a quick and informative response. My issue was the finish wearing off on the armrest, which apparently is a source of pride for many. I mean, Ricky Skagg’s mando looks like he keeps it tied to his bumper, like Chevy Chase’s dog in Vacation :wink: Anyway, seems it’s a good idea to wipe it down after every session. I consider this “problem” a blessing cause the banjo is getting a lot of work.


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