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Howdy, well still working on all my rolls and trying to get the recording right, got a question I am working on forward and reverse rolls and working on 110 pbm the lesson is set up to 130 pbm ( if I remember right) should I wait till I am at the 130 or when I feel good at the 110 pbm so Ben can tell me how bad I really am LOL and I don’t want to waste Ben’s time telling me where I know I am messing up. well tell me what you think.


110 bpm (Beats Per Minute) will be just fine to get some pointers on the basics. IMHO, I’d want to get tips before I played incorrectly long enough to develop bad habits.


Never a waste of time to seek counsel! 110 is good to continue on, speed will come.


thanks now get the recording


This weekend I am going to try recording myself, I am a perfectionist I know I’ll never be an Earl or a Banjo Ben but I require perfection from myself and challenge myself to meet that goal. that’s why I am a woodwork craftsman love the game of golf and learning music, wish me luck lol. God Bless all.


Looking forward to it. Just keep in mind the old saying “Don’t let perfection be the enemy of the good.”

You’ll drive yourself nuts if you wait for a perfect video before you post. I’m speaking from experience. :wink:


Thanks Mark I’ll try and keep that in mind

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