Ricky Skaggs CMA HOF Induction


I looked at that software once and still do quite longingly. The one that I would use in Pro Tools only costs about $600.:hushed::scream_cat:


Thanks for the explanation Tye, but I was joking.

Have you all ever wondered in any of the corny Elvis movies that he can be out in the middle of nowhere (usually on a beach) and he starts signing to a beautiful girl and while he’s singing a full band comes in, drums, bass and everything. Where are they hiding? Are they in a boat out in the water? As lame as those movies are, they somehow draw you in are fun to watch.


Signing? Why? Was he mute or the girl deaf? :joy:


Good one Archie. :rofl:


Same here…I’ve had several request that I sing “Far Far Away”.


Remember Count Basie playing out in the desert when Sheriff Bart arrived? (Blazing Saddles).