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Revision For Banjo Ben's Camp

Hi Guy’s & Gals

I was trawling YouTube and came across this neat podcast about the Circle of Fifths. It occurred to me that whilst your all busy trying to nail that solo or master that rhythm track for the evening jam session you may have forgotten all about the National Number System and The Circle of Fifths.

Now I don’t want you to panic but @BanjoBen plans to TEST you on this TOPIC at some point during the 2 and a half day camp. So you might just want to take a little time out of your study/practice session to refresh the grey matter so your not left speechless when Ben asks you what the four chord is or how many sharps are in the Key of C.

This light hearted podcast will surely refresh your memory, it may not cover all the bases but there is enough here to do some quick revision and at the same time keep you from falling asleep. Enjoy. :sunglasses:


This is the first I’ve heard of this, and I’ve been working with Ben on putting the camp together. Where did you learn this info?

Cool video, by the way.

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My grandfather taught me about this when I started band in elementary school. I had completely forgot about the circle of fifths.

Forty Two


Gotya @Mark_Rocka


same as the number of flats?

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Really ??? I never knew that :rofl:

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2 sharps, B# and E#!! :slight_smile: