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Review of sorts of finger picks and a banjo mute

Now that I know it is ok to post this
I am by no means a expert in anything related to a banjo but as someone that is just starting out learning to play a banjo i have tried several different finger picks just received two different makes of finger picks
The first pair I received was a pair of Wyatt finger picks i have to say they are extremely comfortable and the tone is fantastic
the second pair was the Hoffmeyer finger pick’s the tone was mutually fantastic with these and they were also vary comfortable the Hoffmeyer’s seemed a little heavier than the Wyatt’s but was vary vary comfortable once on neither pair needed any adjustment what so ever was able to put either on and play LOL if you want to call what I do playing
I would not hesitate to purchase either of these again if the need arose

My third review is for the Mikes Mute the Mikes Mute is a fantastic tool if you do not want to disturb people while practicing on the banjo it is pretty simple to put on and once on it does exactly what it is supposed to it Mutes your banjo by 70 to 80 % and maybe more experienced no string buzz of any sort.


I have the Banjo Ben Clark banjo mute, and it works as advertised. Even adds an interesting sound to the banjer. Funny thing though…as I get gradually better, I am less inclined to mute the banjo! :grin:
As for finger picks…what a rabbit hole that can be!
I’m looking for picks like those magic dancing slippers of the fairy tales. You know, the kind that dance by themselves & all you have to do is hang on for the ride? I’m looking for magic finger picks that dance on the strings all by themselves and all I gotta do is hang on.
I did meet a man once that sold me a set of magic finger picks, but he said I had to install the magic myself. It is a little tricky, but it’s working. However, I think he sold me a faulty set. Much of the magic leaks out if I don’t practice frequently.
I wonder if I’m using the wrong strings?:wink:


@BanJoe :joy::joy::joy:
Let Me know when you find that magic set please I would pay A grand for a set LOL

No weird sounds when I use the Mikes Mute

@BanJoe Change the picks first , I understand there is a good deal available at about $40:wink: .Then change the strings, if that doesn’t work then change the Banjo:wink: If none of that works you start with the picks again!