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Respect to ‘Bama - BUT Go AGGIES!


An uphill battle for sure… but I wish you team success and much luck today!

Being truthful, I don’t HATE Crimson Tide. I worked a lot down there and have some friends that support “Roll Tide”, however, even if the Aggies were to slay Goliath, I know ‘Bama will be just fine at the end of the season.

Conversely, what would this improbable win mean to A&M? The played Clemson soooo TOUGH earlier this year. The new stadium, the old traditions… that late night pep rally (sorry, if it has a more modern name for that late night event prior to home games, I don’t know it).

I was impressed!

Curious… as you live in Tennessee now, do you dislike the Vols even a little less? :thinking:

Go Aggies… and as always - Go BLUE (we got the Corn :corn: Huskers at home).

Coop Out.

Well, the local people in the part of africa we live in can’t pronounce my dad’s name, brad, so another missionary named him Bama (pronounce bah-mah) cuz he grew up in Alabama. On topic, go aggies!

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Clemson is nothing compared to Bama’s program this year. When A&M played Clemson close, I didn’t think it was as much a great Aggie showing as a pitiful Clemson showing. I think Bama beats Clemson by 24 this year.

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