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Resonator thumbscrews, sizing and where to source

I play my banjo without the resonator most of the time. Occasionally, I’ll add it. In the three months I’ve had this banjo, I’ve lost two of the four thumbscrews that attach the resonator to the banjo.

Question #1. Are these thumbscrews a standard size among most banjo makers?

Question #2. Does anyone have a recommendation on where to find them? I didn’t see any on the BBC store and Amazon had some but they are part of a bigger hardware bundle. Also didn’t see any at the manufacturer’s website.


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Hi Maggie

This is a great resource for banjo parts and I am pretty sure all your questions will be answered if you drop these guys an email with details of your banjo make and model.

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Thanks Archie

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Your welcome Maggie, hope you find what you need

I found exactly what I needed. Cheers for that.

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Excellent @maggie.williams1 glad to here you found what you were lookin for