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Resonator Mandolin?

Hi Folks,

I have seen Rich DelGrosso, an amazing BLUES mandolinist and his resonator mandolin.

Would the BBC General Store ever get one of those?

What is a good mandolin for Blues or IRISH? A style or the resonator?

Just wondering. I like to go a ways beyond Blue Grass and play in other Genres.




I wouldn’t hold my breath for the general store to get one, but they come up often on the mandolin cafe classifieds for good prices. I’d try there


Yep, not something we’re going to stock without a special request. They are cool, though!


I have had my eye out for a deal on a used resonator mando for playing the Blues. I’m using an oval hole mandolin (Eastman MD514) when I want to tinker with the Blues. I think the oval hole is a great fit. It’s got a nice dark tone that fits the style.

If you haven’t already, check out Rich’s book “Mandolin Blues - From Memphis to Maxwell Street.”

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