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You talked about some exiting new happenings on the site including guest artists. How about presenting a dobro player with some helpful tips on bluegrass resonator guitar?


I’ll second that one.

Be careful what you wish for.

My concern’s about adding more stuff to @BanjoBen 's workload could see an impact on the frequency of existing instrument lessons.

This past year Ben has devoted a lot of time building the new website dealing with issues surrounding that. Getting the General Store up and running and having to deal with some health problems along the way. 2019 is set for another busy year with the Cabin Camp and the Camp at Bose in the planning.

Having the right work life balance is important. I walked away from a good well paid job, a job I loved simply because of the demands on my time became overwhelming and was having a severe impact on my health.


Yah, I see what your saying. I really appreciate all Ben’s doing

I’d love to get a dobro player in! I’d like to offer more than just a few lessons here and there, though, so I’m thinking more about another site devoted to dobro specifically, and other instruments as well. I have to build a bit more of a foundation first, however. Thanks for your patience!

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I had the opportunity to play a dobro a couple of weeks ago, and was able to play several tunes on it! It was the first time I’d held a slide bar, and the second time I’d held a square neck. (I had previously used bottleneck type slides as slide bars, but on my banjo) it was very fun, and I actually jammed a few tunes on it with the owner (a banjoist) I now have das (dobro acquisition syndrome) :roll_eyes:

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Hi Gunnar, Going slightly off topic here, Next time you get a chance to look at YouTube search for Tony Furtardo he is an incredible banjo & finger style guitar player. Plays a lot of bluesy stuff and plays a mean bottle neck slide action.

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I get that Archie. Life’s balance of mental and physical wellness should be one of our main concerns. Since being a member I have tried to support the site and the general store having bought a $195.00 Elliott capo, numerous Blue Chip picks, caps and tee shirts. However, Ben has encouraged his members to donate their comments and opinions through the forum. As a loyal Gold Pick member I feel this impute important to Ben and all the members, bringing new insight and alternative options to the forefront. The light can’t shine under a bushel basket.

Hi @Poppa_Smoke1 I have replied with a PM

I thank you for your support, @Poppa_Smoke1, and love your input! This website thrives off my members’ input and ideas, so thanks!