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Replacing Strings

Hey All!
Just wondering… What is an easy way to tell if your strings need to be replaced on a banjo?

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I always go by when they start to sound dull and they are harder to keep in tune. The dull part is really relative to the person. Some like strings that are old and dull. If it were up to me and not my wallet I’d change strings once every few weeks because I like mine super fresh and bright.

When the top strings start sounding dull and/or when they don’t stay in tune as well. @sharingtimeagain1 The strings I use are $4.39 here on the site. I’ll let you borrow $5 if you need to change your strings :joy:


I was going to make some Snarky (no pun intended), comments… just for a bit of fun.

  1. When you cannot remember the last time the strings were changed.:thinking:
  2. You’ve never changed your strings from the time you got your banjo almost two years ago – like me.
  3. In my case… If a clear, right sound is the measure, I would be changing my strings every week! “What’s wrong with this thang?” :crazy_face:

Sorry… I could not resist… :sunglasses::joy:

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I’ll be ordering strings soon don’t worry about that!

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I think I need to order too! :grinning:

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A quick tip:
Keep a clean cotton sock (one of the socks that does not seem to have a mate in your dryer) in your case to wipe down the strings after each playing/practice session. This will keep your strings in good shape much longer.

As far as “how often should I change my strings?” goes, if you play everyday, then probably every month or so. If you play everyday and perform 4 times a week every week, then probably more often. If you live near the ocean (on the beach) expect to change your strings every 10 days. And if you live in the desert and wash your hands before every playing session, you can probably go many (4 or 5) months before changing your strings. And if you put a good set of coated strings on, and never play your instrument, you can probably go a year or more without changing strings, but then you should probably sell it… :wink:


Very comprehensive guide!

If anyone is in this last category to sell, let me know! :smirk:

Thanks for the advice everyone! :grinning:

Actually Ben, I recently bought some strings from the site and am itching to put them on!! :joy::laughing::wink:

My banjo came with a small piece of possibly blue tape or some sort of tube on my 5th string between the 5th string nut and 5th string tuning peg. Is it safe to assume that was just put there to protect the neck during shipping and handling and I do not need to put something there when changing the strings?


Good question. You can get rid of it. It’s there to keep the string from wearing into the top of the neck if it touches. Just watch it. If you’re concerned you can get a replacement…any little tube will do :slight_smile:

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Whenever I get hold of older packs of strings they will have wrap around the bottom of the other four. It helps cushion against rattles. Especially so if you are using a presto tailpiece with its top cover.

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