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Repair work

Don’t drink while gigging or this could happen to you. This poor guitar is at the local guitar store as a warning. In the meantime, where’d Charlie derrington make off to? I understand he has experience with repairs of this style. (Just to be clear, this is not my guitar)

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I think John Belushi got ahold of that one. Never give your love a cherry. :thinking:

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I’ve read that Willy Nelson’s Trigger got a similar start in life.


If not John Belushi, it might have been El Kabong…


Haha! :joy: all possible, I think whatever happened involved alcohol :wine_glass:

If they could fix Bill Monroes’ Mando after someone smashed it with a fireplace poker, anything is possible

Yep! Hence my Charlie D comment. But this guitar is a low to mid Taylor, so not worthwhile

Charlie got killed by a drunk driver in Nashville years ago:


If I were king, drunk drivers would be tried as murderers. None of this “involuntary manslaughter” nonsense. I have zero respect for someone who knowingly endangers the lives of everyone around them.

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Ouch. I knew he had died, but didn’t know how. Along with Clarence White, one of the biggest losses to bluegrass caused by drunk drivers :cry: :angry: :wine_glass: + :oncoming_automobile: = :-1:

Plus he was in the country illegally…