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Remembering what I knew

Having all this time lately, I picked up my banjo to play as many songs as I could remember. I’ve probably learned 70 or so songs that at one time I could play with some proficiency. Why can I only fully play ten or so now? I can remember parts of a lot of others but suddenly forget endings or second parts. I put it away out of sympathy for my wife. Tomorrow I’ll play parts I forgot and miss what I knew today. I’m trying to not resort to tablature.
I just picked up the guitar for a while to go over the camp songs again.
Isn’t music fun!



What a cool idea!

Work that brain and muscle-memory… and get string in PICKIN’ practice!

Best of luck on this and do post again to let us know how it all unfolds in the days/weeks ahead!


If I spend all my time learning I start forgetting stuff.

I’ll look back through lists of what I know every week or so and just run through each a time or two to refresh my memory.


Well, your’re not alone Mike. When I learn new tunes, it’s like other tunes have to vacate their residences in my memory to make room. Some people can remember every song they’ve ever learned and on demand, they can play a song they haven’t played for years. That really irks me.


I also wonder if it’s an age thing. Since I retired my mind wanders, much harder to concentrate. Too many things I have wanted to do.


I think if you wanted to be like that, you have to be focused and free from worries to some extent. And also you can’t be Jill of all trades. I too feel I can’t take too much from multiple disciplines and music is not on the top of my list. Just my thoughts…