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Red Rocking Chair

Hey @BanjoBen! I’m loving the site and dig all the hard work you put into the greatest bluegrass learning site of all time. I got a hankering this morning after I stumbled upon Doc and Merle Watson’s version of Red Rocking Chair. I really dig the hammer-ons and pull-offs they incorporate in that jingle. Would that be one that you may be interested in teaching a lesson on in the future? Also, I’m not that great of an ear picker and depend on tab especially when it comes to hammer-on’ s and whistles. Do you have any advice on that would help me pick out a jingle like this by ear? Thank you for your time and have a blessed Sunday on this beautiful Sabbath. It’s -1° here in Wyoming this morning but the sun is shining! :smiley:

Great request! That’s a cool tune and I wasn’t really familiar with it. I’ve got it on the list. As far as picking out by ear, this one is tougher, and I slow the music down by changing the video playback speed on the YouTube video player. Let me know if you’re not familiar with how to do that.

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