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Recording King RK-R36 Valentine's Day Special!

R36 Bundles are sold out…congrats to those who got one!

I do have one single Recording King RK-R35. I’ll do $999 for the same bundle except a Lakota leather strap instead of the DrumDial. It’s not on the site! You must call Jake at 833-226-5623 to get it!

NOT AVAILABLE ON SITE! MUST CALL! Phone orders from lower 48 only: 833-226-5623

Still Available?: SOLD OUT! 0 of 3 R36 Banjo Bundles Remaining (updated live!)

Special 1-Day Price: NO LONGER AVAILABLE (~$1,500 Value!)

Bundle includes:

  • Free Shipping to Lower 48, normally $50
  • Free Setup & Spike Installation, normally $100
  • New Recording King RK-R36 5-string Banjo, normally $1,049
  • Hardshell Case, normally $88
  • DrumDial Tool, normally $60
  • Shubb C5 Banjo Capo, normally $20
  • Golden Gate & National Pick Combo, normally $7+
  • GHS PF-135 Crowe Strings, normally $4+
  • Scorpion Banjo Bridge, normally $30
  • Banjo Ben Case Stickers, normally $6
  • Snark Digital Tuner, normally $16

Boy how I wished I lived in the lower 48 I would be placing my order right now.

I know, buddy. I need to hand deliver you one!

That is a great deal !!!

It really is.

::Sitting on the couch next to my bride::

Me: [shaking head slowly] Ben, Ben, Ben, Ben, Ben, Ben…
Bride: What?
Me: He’s doing a V-day special on a RK banjo bundle
Bride: :scream:


Wee doggie… that’s a fantastic deal! Jake did a fantastic job setting up my RK-R36 and she sounds as great as she looks!

I don’t have a drum tuner. How often should I check that and will you be selling those in the store?


I only have 3 of them which is why there are only 3 of these bundles :slight_smile: I will order more in the future.

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That is a good buy! Especially with all the goodies that comes with it.


Got one!!


Got one too!!


Congrats! You’re gonna love it! You too, @mrbill536!

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Ahhh, no more drum tuners, so no more amazing packages on the RK-R36?! I’m sure we’d still jump on the package without the drum tuner! :wink:

I have a drum dial. Do you have a tutorial for using it on a banjo?

What a Deal!

If only, if only.

Do you see more of these type sales in the future?


I don’t, sorry :slight_smile:

I’m out of 36’s, but I do have one last bundle with the RK-R35 (excellent banjo!) for $999…includes a leather strap instead of the drumdial, since I am sold out of those as well.


Yes, I’ll be running stuff like this from time to time and will come to my forum members first, just like I did with this one.


Hi Keith check this out

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Me too… thinking the deal is amazing. I don’t have the scratch for a cool $1k - at the moment… .as great a deal as this is. I want to get a resonator someday soon… and RK and this site will likely be the place. I am truly happy for others would capitalize on this deal. CONGRATS - and please let us know your experienced when you get your new treasure. For the SIGNIFICANT OTHERS… that is really a nice Valentine’s gift - WOW!

In the MEAN time, I keep watching… and waiting… and contemplating the arrival of the Eastman Mandos.