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Recording king geetars?

I just saw you got some recording king guitars marked at $130…
How’s the quality on those? My experience with sub $500 guitars ain’t toogood.

Are you talking about the Dirty 30s series for $230? I just watched Jake’s video on those. They’re surprisingly warm sounding for as cheap as they are. One thing I’ve learned, it’s that Ben and Jake aren’t going to sell junk. If Jake says he didn’t even have to do any setup on the guitar right out of the box, that’s really saying something.

Someone here recently said they think we’re experiencing another instrumental renaissance. I completely agree with that. Prices keep going down and quality keeps going up. It’s a great time to be alive!

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Yeah it’s the dirty thirties, the other day when I first saw them I thought they were $130 but that may have been a mistake.

The $130 guitars you saw elsewhere were the ones with laminated tops. We decided to stock the solid top models because the price difference vs. quality is negligible. Read my blog here:

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Ok cool, what are the back and sides made out of?

My brother signed up, but I don’t have an email address, my membership is under my mom’s address :roll_eyes:

If you click on the blog link in my comment above there’s a link to all 3 guitars where all the specs are listed. Or, you can go into the store, click on guitars, and view each individual one there.