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Ran across a video of this guy

He seems really good and has a lot of videos on his site. One video he has talking about his right hand position, he gives a lot of credit to Alan Munde, who has had some influence on @BanjoBen i believe.

This is Foggy Mountain Breakdown, where he changes keys several times…


Hi @Grinnin Daniel that’s John Apfelthaler he sure is a great picker. Checkout his arr of Polka on the Banjo. I think he may have studied with Alan Munde at Plains College Texas.

Maybe @BanjoBen can shed some light on this and any other banjo students that studied with Alan. Be interesting to see how they made out.

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Wow!! I’ve seen a few of his videos, but this one is amazing! That break is worth transcribing


His video of Reuben is great as well.


WHOA… Open B Flat and E Flat?!!


Yep, I’ve seen all his videos, he’s pretty good. I watch him and several others for ideas and I can steal. He certainly has a unique playing style.

Key changes in FMB, for me however, is very unsettling.