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R.I.P Jimmy Capps

I saw that Jimmy Capps passed away. I enjoyed watching him play guitar on Larry’s Country Diner. He played on a lot of songs I’ve listened throughout my lifetime. I have really enjoyed some of the interviews I heard him do when his book came out…he definitely lived an interesting life.


His legacy will live on. R.I.P. Jimmy


Often the best musicians are never stars, but all the stars know who the best musicians are. Their songs still linger.


A wonderful quote @BanJoe.

Thank you for posting it… :banjo:


A wonderfully nice man and always played the right notes. A couple interesting things about Jimmy. One, his wife is the one who makes sure the Opry house band is prepared to play with the various guests by handing out charts and verifying arrangements. Pray for Ms. Michele. Also, when Jimmy would play solos on the Opry with members like The Whites, etc., he would play the same solo every time, night after night, year after year. He never changed his solos up. Could he have improvised something different each night? I’m sure so, but I think Jimmy felt that the notes he was playing were the best notes possible and that’s why he was playing them. All that to say, don’t feel bad if you have predetermined solos that you love to play over and over…even some of the best do it.


Wonderful insights from our insider! Thanks for these nuggets, @BanjoBen

Added Ms. Michele to the prayer list! :pray: