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Questions about the Cremona SV-130 Violin

Just a few quick questions for anyone who knows the answers…

What type of strings does the Cremona SV-130 violin come with?

What is included in the set-up?

Is this a quality, dependable, beginner violin?

When will this violin be in stock again?




That is a good starter violin. I actually just got one in 1/2 size for my daughter.

Right now, I don’t know a definite ETA on those. It’s been hard to nail down ETAs on some of our instruments because of the coronavirus situation. However, I don’t think that it should be a really long time before we get more of these.

They now come with D’addario Prelude strings.

As far as the setup goes, we will basically go over the whole instrument and check everything out to make sure that everything works correctly and that it plays and notes correctly. We make sure the tuners hold correctly, the intonation is set correctly, etc. Basically we just make sure that everything is good to go before we send it out.


Perfect! Thanks for the quick response, @AdamAsh. I’ve been looking into beginner fiddles for a while, and only recently figured out that Ben offered some too!

By the way, @Dragonslayer did you teach yourself how to fiddle? If so, who or what did you learn from? Anyone else can answer too.


Yes, and it was mostly online lessons. I got fiddle for dummies, which was a little helpful, but most of my actual learning came from fiddlehed YouTube lessons and then
If I did it over again, I would skip the others and just go with bluegrassdaddy. It’s really reasonably priced, and the lessons are great, and very similar to how Ben teaches. They also have a good forum over there


I just picked one up and worked at playing it at first. i already played some mandolin so I had a little head start on the left hand.

I tried several fiddle lesson sites and picked up some things here and there.

Later I found John Cockman on the net and have been hanging out there for several years now. i learned quite a bit from John. I’ll second Gunnar’s comment…very affordable and I’d also skip the rest hnd head right there.

I’m now taking some lessons and attending workshops withJustin Branum. With Justin’s help I’m now playing stuff I thought I could only dream of.

I have to get off here and sign into a workshop wit justin right now…


Another outstanding workshop!

Went through Crazy Creek and 14 Days in Georgia both in Tommy Jackson style. Also covered some theory behind improvising over Crazy Creek.

I’ve been taking nearly all the workshops he offers for fiddle and collecting them…each one I get the video, the music, and recordings of rhythm track with and without the fiddle. I say I’m 'collecting" because I’m learning a bit slower than he’s teaching…but that’s great, cause I have stuff to work on in the future, and sometimes I get a “feel” for learning something in a certain mood and this gives me a list to choose from.


Cool Dave. Glad to see fellow 60ish guys plugging away.


thanks Jack…I’m learning as much or more now as i ever have on an instrument…I’m blessed (or cursed…haha) to have both the time and the “want-to”, and i’m loving just learning stuff right now.

Hmmm…My apologies, I seem to have hijacked this thread…back to regular programming…


Thanks for the info, everyone. It’s been really helpful!


cool @Dragonslayer you are a great fiddle player man

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