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Question On Capos

I was given a Octave Mandolin and want to purchase a Capo was looking at the Thalia capos which look pretty nice but I know nothing about a capo has anyone ever used a Thalia Capo and if so what was your opinion on the Thalia Capos if you have used one

Was originally considering a Mandola but ran across a great deal on a Octave I just could not pass it up received it from a good friend for free so it does not get much better of a deal than that they knew I was learning to play mandolin and he does not play any longer so he offered it to me at no charge


I haven’t used a Thalia capo, but they look very bulky/cumbersome to me, like they might get in the way. I like the Elliotts most, or the Paige for a budget option; they are both very sleek and low profile. Enjoy that octave! What kind is it?

I have a Thalia guitar capo. It is beautiful and well engineered. @Michael_Mark is right on, though. In my opinion, it is very bulky and gets in the way. I stick with the Elliott.

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Thank you Michael_Mark and also mharrison43 for both of your replies they are appreciated will have to check out the Elliot capo

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The Octave my friend gave me is a TKD that he purchased a couple years ago my friend is going through some pretty serious medical issues rite now and has been for about a year and a half now him and I are like brothers and have a long history between us after he gave it to me as I was leaving his wife spoke to me and said his Dr’s have only given him around three months she told me he wanted me to have his stringed instruments which included the Octave and also a few guitars they are things I will always cherish till I am gone

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