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Query for Katy Lou - Assuming you read Ben's Forum

Hi Katy, I like many aspiring banjo players would love to be able to play backup whilst singing. The advice often handed down is to play pinches or chops but what fascinates me is your ability to play rolling backup as you sing. Most of the rolling backup lessons I have studied involve learning complex Scruggs licks which although fun to learn I find great difficultly using in a live situation. Can you pleeeeease share some of your wisdom with us by explaining what you are doing in the rolling backup sequence of this video.

I’ve never seen the sisters post here. If you don’t get a reply, you might want to try Katy on their Facebook page.

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Thanks Mark, I am hopeful that may change, besides I don’t do Facebook.

Facebook is not the same without you.

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Ah your making me blush :blush::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: