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Query for Ben - Recording Lessons & Banjo Backup

Hi Ben

So this query leads on from these threads.

I am curious to know how you go about recording your multi instrument lesson preview videos. I assume you lay down a rhythm guitar track that follows the chord progression, then you add the solo instrument and finally the backup instrument.

The question I have is. Do you just play on the top of the master track or do you record separate audio tracks for each instrument then bring them together in the mixer?


Ben has been crazy busy lately, so I’ll give it my best shot as to what I THINK is the answer and let him correct me next time he visits.

If I recall correctly, the first thing he does is lay down the bass track, which is actually the only instrument that’s computer generated. It establishes a flawless rhythm for the rest of the instruments. Next he could either lay down the fill of the guitar playing chords or the mando chops for rhythm. Not sure if he has a particular order for those. Then the backing banjo throws in the rolls. Finally, the lead instrument is most likely last, since it’s easier to play lead when you hear a full band.

What we hear when we play with the backing tracks is likely what Ben hears when he records the lesson preview.


Thanks @Mark_Rocka but I am keen to hear what Ban does exactly. As I have a follow on query.

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Yep, @Mark_Rocka nailed it. I essentially always start with the bass, then rhythm guitar, then mando chop or banjo backup–whichever is not the lead instrument. Then I export that mp3 and put it on my phone/iPad, then play along with that while recording the solo instrument on camera.


Hi Ben, Sorry I didn’t make myself very clear. What I was trying to say is. Do you make a separate recording of the banjo banjo like you do with the rhythm guitar? The reason I ask is if you do, could you please add those files to the lesson page. It really wouldn’t create a lot of extra work and would give students an opportunity to hear banjo backup being played without the distraction of the other instruments.

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Ahh, gotcha. Yes I could do that but then you’d be able to hear all my mistakes.


The more the Merrier… gif

That’s BRILLIANT !!! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.