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Purple Hulls Performance and Workshop

To Ben and the Purple Hulls: I just got home from a great weekend in northern Minnesota, at the annual Lakes Bluegrass Festival. Penny and Katy not only knocked everyone’s socks off with their performing, but they put on an hour-long workshop (about 3 hours short of what we all would have liked!) that was just terrific. The workshop had players of all instruments, so it’s plain that a lot of bluegrass players and fans want to know how they do what they do. Since I’ve been working on the “New Moon Over My Shoulder” banjo lesson, I asked about it right away and they treated us to a run-through of the full song, broke it down extensively, and then expanded the discussion to talk extensively about playing backup with 6ths and 7ths. Then they sprinted off to the main stage! Many thanks to you and your sisters for what you do. That workshop was terrific, and really was way too quick!!

To all subscribers: When the Purple Hulls show up in your town and put on a concert and workshop, DO NOT MISS IT!!!

(PS – The girls signed my banjo head, right next to Alan Munde’s signature. Katy recognized Alan’s signature from about 10 feet away during the workshop – good eye!)


I saw them perform last year. Fantastic show. I’m feeling a little bummed they didn’t offer a workshop while they were here. I definitely would have paid for that.

This is so great to hear!!!

I saw the show they put on here in Northwest Arkansas with Jake and a bunch of other pickers and fans. They were terrific and their friend playing the bass was as good as it gets

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