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Public access to this forum

I just realized how much of the forum is open to the non-member public.

I wish fewer topics were public and that those topics had an indicator in the title to remind paying members that it was public.

I don’t regret any of my posts, but I will be sharing less.

Loving the forum community though, and will continue.

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Hi John

This is a public forum. The only parts of the website that are restricted is the Video Swap and Cabin Stream areas which are accessible to all Goldpick and Life Members.

Private areas such as Website Feedback and Staff Discussions are only accessible by Mods and @BanjoBen

Can you be more specific as to which topics you would like to see restricted and why you feel theres a need to restrict the General Public from those areas.


@jonny1 As Archie asked, we’d love your feedback on this. A visitor can read much of the forum, but they can’t comment unless they have an account.

I withdraw requesting change to the site. Upon reflection, it is enough that the video sharing is private and anyone without a login password cannot click on our avatar and message us with an advertisement.

When first joining the site I must’ve known how much was public, but after years of logging in then clicking on forums I somehow began assuming it was for members only. My bad. Hope this topic will help any other long time members from slipping into the same assumption.