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Private messages

Where do private messages go when someone messages you

I am on my stupid phone and cannot seem to find messages anywhere

a couple paths to messages

upper right on forum page by “search” icon.
click on your icon (farthest right) to get drop down menu

at top of menu you can click on the “envelope”

or you can click on you identity name and go to your profile
then click on messages (envelope)

hope this helps

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@Fiddle_wood thank you I am on my phone and nothing is the same as on my PC it pops up for a split second and then disappears just as quickly

I’m not up on all those new-fangled pocket 'puters…Sorry I can’t help more…

2 steps to get to messages on your smart phone.

1 - tap on your avatar at the top right.

2 - tap on the envelope.


@Mark_Rocka My avatar would pop up for a split second and then would disappear just as quickly I do not know what the deal is or was but I never could get to where I knew it was it would not allow me I don’t know if it was because I was using my phone to sign in for the first time or what

You can also get there from your avatar in any post you’ve just made

But you’ll have to go to your profile

@Dragonslayer I do not know what it is but the forum site when on my phone is totally different then when I am on my Lap Top or Desk Top PC
While on my phone on the forum it would not allow me to do anything other then log on and reply to a post or start a new topic

a lot of times, on my phone, I have to unlock the orientation so I can turn my phone on its side. Then I am able to click my avatar and see the messages.

@Grinnin I keep my phone set so the orientation so my phone rotates when I turn it sideways when it does the avatar is still not there my phone is brand new an LG V60 dual screen
the avatar does appear for a split second when i first go into the site but like i said it disappears just as quickly and when it does appear it does nothing when I tap on it i do not know what it is

You can get to any post you’ve made… i made a video for you. Hope it helps… :slight_smile:


@Severin I can get to any of the post just not private messages

Hey perfect place to asked this question.
On my phone nothing happens when I tap on my avatar, and three lines, is there something I can reset?

@Hillbilly_picker all i can say is good luck i have tried everything i can think of and nothing seems to work to allow me to get to private messages
at least you can tap on the three lines and the avatar mine does not stay visible long enough for me to tap on either

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What does the “dual screen” mean???

Nevermind… google told me, lol. I wonder if you were to turn off the dual screen mode if it would show??? you know, like a standard display. Curious if the dual screen feature is messing with the web page rendering.

Sometimes I have to tap my avatar 15 to 20 times before it will change to the private message section.

@Grinnin it does not mater if the second screen is on or off it just will not work

Well, a guy once told me when I was talking to him about my banjo playing… “Daniel, this is the best thing you can do for your banjo playing. Go home and put your banjo in the case and leave it there for 2 weeks… then sell it!”

Maybe we need a different phone.