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Thanks :joy: being sixteen, I have a rather sharp wit, that isn’t always appreciated


Sharp as a razor… just be careful how close you get the your elders with that knife, young man.:shushing_face::smirk:

Still… it was a CLASSIC response… nicely played. :smile:

Good advice master. I will shave beards but not moustaches :joy: :man:

Hi @WillCoop & @Dragonslayer I have split this from my thread Sally Goodin and created this new thread because your conversation is no longer relevant to my original post. It leaves you free to continue to chat about anything you want.

Ok cool. How do you feel about espionage? :joy:

I :heart: your wit, Gunnar. Fixed !!!

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Thanks, but I’m not a gunner, it’s spelt wiv an a. GunnAr. It is a common, still irritating, mistake.