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Pride and Joy in Walmart

Instruments are the tools. Musicianship is something different.

This little guitar’s life can only go downhill…


Guy’s that was just brilliant, I never thought you could squeeze that kind of tone from a plastic guitar. That would make a great promo for the Walmart sales team.

Sweet! I guess we need to stop complaining about our equipment :flushed::+1:


I think he should buy one and take it on the road! Note the zero fret

True that

@Archie - Reading your post I thought that maybe you thought that I was one of the guys in the video. I’m not. I am just the guy that stumbled across the video on YouTube. I don’t want to inadvertently take credit for someone else’s brilliance.

Great observation @Dragonslayer. How does a plastic toy guitar end up manufactured with a zero fret? I wonder if it has a truss rod.

Hi Chris, I thought you may have recorded it, thanks for sharing it was fun to watch

I doubt it has a truss rod. I have a plastic uke (kala waterman) that also has a zero. I think it might be a way that they try to make the action playable cheaply