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Prayers for all Tennesseans in the storm's Wake

All Forum Members,

I know I am posting a bit late. However, this has been on my mind and hope that it touches all Forum members.

Please take a moment to show the outpouring of your thoughts and Prayers for all Tennesseans in the wake of the Tornado. We love Nashville and the whole State of Tennessee is beautiful. Dare I say, it is a place we consider to become our home in the future.

Thank GOD that @BanjoBen and his family was spared - even as it took out that school so close by… Praise God that it was at a time when children were with their families (at night) and not during the day.

Ben and his community give so much to us. This is one small gesture we can do to let him and others in that fine state know that we are with them all.

I am a man of Christian Faith but I petition all BANJO BEN Forum members, while likes are nice and appreciated, to leave a comment for them who are suffering… blessings or, if you are not the religious type, leave positive motivatioal words. Take a moment to share your heart with them here on this thread… as this calamity could happen to any of us with any natural disaster.

I hope this string is full with support.

May God bring peace to all Tennesseans for the need they require, the courage to rebuild and the protection of God against further storms. AMEN!


As an occasional resident of southeast Texas, I have a lot of compassion for those who have had their houses or stores or neighborhoods destroyed by a natural disaster, I’m praying for y’all!


Those impacted (both directly and indirectly) by this tornado have been in my daily prayers since I learned of this storm (I actually first read of it on these forums before I saw any news sites). Lord please bless those families that lost loved ones and for those who lost homes. Please be with those medical teams, rescue, and utility works putting the pieces back together. Please bring comfort and healing to those hurting.

Being from Louisiana we have many storms that have required much rebuilding. I lived close to the homebase for Samaritan’s Purse team after the 2016 flooding in Northeast Louisiana. I saw them many days in prayer before their day started as I went to my work.

I just found my love of music over the last few years, @BanjoBen your instruction and inspiration have been a blessing to me. I will continue praying for the healing and repair of this area.



I lived in Louisiana for nearly 6 years… at Barksdale.

Oh how I miss me some fine Cajun cuisine! Bring on the Gumbo and Crawdads


Where I live in Virginia we are very blessed to not have many tornados, so I can only imagine experiencing such a tragedy. Our thoughts and prayers are with all the Tennesseans affected by this disaster, and I trust that even though we might not understand God’s plan, something good will come out of it.


Thoughts and prayers go out to all impacted by the TN tornados. Our family was very fortunate and blessed to have survived the April 27, 2011 tornado outbreak that devastated our state (AL) and several others. (We personally had very minimal damage.) In our area, we were out of power for 10 days, but many places were alot longer. Our downtown area was demolished. Several more areas in the county were leveled. All within just a few miles of home. Statewide, countywide, regionwide people lost their lives, loved ones, homes, businesses and livelihoods. In the aftermath, there was a light that started to shine, it started off small and dim and gained in strength and brightness and I’m not talking about the light that comes from electricity and bulbs, nope, I’m talking about the light that shines when people reach out to their fellow brothers and sisters and help each other thru the wreckage - The light of the Lord working thru us.
The outpouring of love and support in the community and from afar was indescribable, I pray for this and blessings on the folks hit by the extreme weather in TN.



While I am a Northerner from the Great Lakes State, I was working every week in Tuscaloosa - launching a plant when those tornados fell upon AL.

In fact, I was returning from vacation the week it hit… which is the only reason I was not down there.

However, I brought my family down with me that summer… and saw the widespread damage caused when that hit… from Tuscaloosa all the way to Birmingham and beyond.

I remember there were families living in the hotel we stayed… because they found themselves homeless victims of the storm.

The force of nature is amazing, humbling… and reminds us of our fragile humanity…as well as how quickly what we think is permanent can be swept away in the blink of an eye.


No doubt, God was gracious to Ben and his family (and to all of us as well).

Continued prayers for all effected. Should there be need, please let us know.


*I am so happy Ben and his family was spared . the story about the dog that saved a family lt melted my heart, Cookville was just 26 miles from my home town of Crossville . The dog warned the family but the dog did not make it but the family was safe .sad very sad.about the dog though.