Prayer Request - lost job


Will remember you tonight in prayer, Will. Be encouraged. These things often work out for the better.



Thank you Jack! I will remain positive and push through with the firm belief that something better is on the way.

Thanks for the prayers…


Update to all:

I have had a a little movement on the job hunting. I had a phone interview that went well and should lead to a full interview in the near future.

I ask that everyone remember me in their prayers.

God Bless.


Coming right up


Praying your interview goes well and you get the job


Glad to hear the good news. Will be praying!


ALL FORUM Members,

I want to express my thanks for your support… and pass along that I have a SECOND interview - THIS FRIDAY AFTERNOON.

You all know I believe in the power of prayers… but I will also accept well - wishes, good luck and all positive sentiments.

God Bless you and thank you.


Currently sending powerful prayers, well-wishes, good luck and positive sentiments. The prayers are the only really helpful ones though :wink:


You have my prayers Buddy


Awesome news! Thanks for sharing and you’re in our prayers.


Great news! No pressure, because if it is where you are supposed to be, then it is already a done deal. Praying for you!


Yep…I truly believe God ordains it all. Good or bad.


Praying for you Will. Specifically that you will feel His hand gently but clearly guiding you throughout the entire interview process. That you are filled with a supernatural peace, hope, comfort and confidence.


Prayers going out , God works when his people pray, sorry about the loss of the job