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Prayer needed!

For those who pray…please say a prayer for a friend of mine DD who is only in her 40’s and is having a serious medical emergency. Please pray for her and her family and that she comes to know Jesus as Lord and Savior! Thank you all!


Done, and thank you for letting us know.

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Sure Peg_E…

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Peg_E, any update??

Please share this with your friend if you can. Preaching the gospel is the only way to get one saved. If she believes the gospel (given below in a nutshell), she will see the power of God changes her situation right away.


God created man in his own image. Before/when mankind was created, Lucifer (Satan) was a spirit being, created by God, who when desired to lift himself above his creator God, was cast down by God with his fellow spirit being followers and was destined for eternal punishment in hell. Man had free will just like God. When man disobeyed God listening to Satan (obviously Satan’s goal was pull everyone down) and when he chose evil rather than good, he earned himself eternal punishment along with Satan and his followers. But God loved man so much that he had a salvation plan already. A part of this plan is to make man understand that he cannot save him by himself. He chose a small group of people for himself (children of Israel) and gave them commandments to prove the inadequacy that man can’t be just before God by himself. And man’s only recourse was through faith in the Messiah (savior) for salvation. God is just, therefore he cannot justify evil man without a proper penance. Man’s penance was inadequate in removing sin conscience in man in keeping him from further transgressions/iniquities/sin. God’s love was so much that he decided to give up his only begotten son, who knew no sin, on the cross, in not only paying for the penalty of our sins but also for keeping us from sin consciousness and further sin. A faith in this sacrifice of God not only makes man clear of his penalties (justification) but also keeps him pure (sanctification) from a spiritual man born in him. God expects a thus saved man to operate through the spiritual man and put in action Jesus’ commandments by faith to be able to be in Jesus to complete the salvation started for eternal salvation.

This God’s gift of salvation is free.
This salvation meets all needs of man and God’s righteousness (removal of consequences of sin) is revealed from faith to faith.
Repentance and a belief in Jesus to put into action Jesus’ commandment in simple faith with Jesus’ help is what God expects in return to complete salvation into eternity.

God’s healing will manifest right away if you are willing to believe and receive this God’s free gift.



Hope all is ok and prayer done


I missed this the first time around. Praying for DD now.


Thank you. She is doing better but has some persistent issues physically. Praying they all resolve and God will be glorified. I ahave been able to share some with her of Gods grace and mercy through Jesus Christ