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Power outage = picking time

A little excerpt from last nights self-entertainment on the McGhee after I lost power for a few hours.

Been over 30 years since I had a mando to play…had this one 3 days now…long way to go, (had a terrible time staying with the metronome) but it should click in by the end of winter.

Messing with a bit of Fire on the Mtn and Katy Hill…


Nice picking!

Thanks Gunnar.

haha, I was picking so lightly that I missed hitting the strings several times.

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That mando sounds good! Very woody sounding!


I like it! "Hand crafted by Eugene McGhee in Oliver Springs Tenn. 1999. (label)

There are several flaws in the finish work, and a large crack has been repaired in the top, but I like how it plays and sounds.

Still working on pulling tone with this super low action though, but I’m getting closer. I’ll probably raise it a touch after I get my left hand toughened up a bit.

Tried several more masculine looking picks, but the little sissy-colored Tortex seems to bring out the best sound so far…