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Posting a video

Could someone tell me how to upload a video? I have not done it for a while and cannot figure out how to do it! :thinking:

If it’s a very short video, post it in the video swap section and use the Upload button. If it’s more than about 45 seconds, it’s best to upload to a video sharing service like YouTube and post the link here.

Do you have to list the video as public, private, or unlisted? When I hit “create new topic”, where do I post the link from Youtube? On the Title line? Sorry for all the questions, Mark, but I tried to post my link from Youtube and it did not work.

Listed as public anyone can see it anywhere
listed as private only you can see it
listed as unlisted only those with the link can see it.

Post the shareable link (not the embed code) in the contents area (not in title)


Thanks so much!!

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When I do an unlisted video I have trouble finding it in my YouTube account later on.

Yeah, that’s a constant aggravation for me, too. I know there’s a way to click around and get there, but the bottom line is that you have to go in to YouTube Studio to see unlisted videos. Here’s the shortcut.

Thanks Mark, the link works. It appears I can only see my unlisted videos in the link, the other ones don’t show up there. When I use the YouTube app I can see all my public videos.

My link looks like this and has ALL my uploaded videos on it.