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Possible Banjo Lesson

Hey y’all,
I just saw where the Charleston has just recently been released to public domain. I know it’s jazz but, I was wondering if Ben might consider doing a banjo lesson Scruggs style on it. It just seems like it would be extremely fun to play!!! I think he could come up with something pretty dang sweet.:wink: Anybody have any comments.

Lone Wolf


Hey, that might be kinda fun!


I thought so too!! :grin:

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That would be interesting. Ben’s done The Entertainer and a couple other non bluegrass songs I think. And all the Christmas songs. Why not?


I know this is a banjo post, but I vote for Charleston for all 3 instruments! Could be a blast!


Scott Jopin tunes fit well with the 5 String Banjo. I recorded Maple Leaf Rag some years back which I learned from Eddie Collins book. It’s a tough one to learn / memorise has five parts and uses every fret on the fingerboard but are you up for the challenge @MissMaggie ?


Really cool!

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ehhh… nooo. That just did not do anything for me. Perhaps it’s the way he played it, I don’t know. I am pretty picky though. And when I mentioned that Ben did The Entertainer on the banjo, I didn’t say I liked it.

I realize many folks may like Scott Joplin tunes on a banjo and others have taught it as well and you can find gobs O’ tabs for it but, I have yet to hear one I like. The Charleston might be kinda neat.

That’s interesting, I don’t know if I like it or not. Scott Joplin was my favorite composer in my later years of piano.