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Piper's Song (Original)

Hey all. I thought I would share this with everyone. January 19, 2018 My son and daughter in law lost their first baby at birth. Piper Dan Finley. Through all that heartache, tears and sorrow I wrote this catchy little tune to honour my grand daughter Piper and help her memory live on. Please let me know how you all like it and/or if you learn the tune send me a note or copy. With a ton of help from Banjo Ben I was able to get it into teff format. I hope you all like it. This is the best site and group out there.

Here is what the three parts of the song signify.
Oh Piper
First Part A & B
Oh Piper how happy we were to hear you were coming to join our family.
You were instantly loved beyond measure by all even though we had not yet met you
So many preparations were made for that special day.
All with eager anticipation we awaited your arrival.

Piper you are so loved.

Part C
The day we lost you our hearts were crushed and left such an empty hole were so much happiness once stood. I didn’t understand how it could hurt so much. We cried rivers of pain and tears that you were no longer here and we had to say good-bye. This wound will never heal and your memory will live with us forever.

Piper you are so loved.

Second Part B & A
So we celebrated your life with bright colors, beautiful flowers and words of inspiration. So much love was shared for you and your Mom and Dad. You will forever live on in our hearts and memories of the few minutes we had to share with you were so precious.
That, we will cherish forever.
Until we meet again. Just know that you are loved.

Piper song .tef (4.7 KB)



Thank you so much, brother. What a special tribute to that sweet little girl. You shall see her one day!


:pray: My prayers offered up for Piper :pray:

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Those words make all the difference. I listened to your sermon at church today and will share that with my son Brett and his wife Hayley. A very inspiring message we all need to hear. Such impact. Thank you.

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Thank you Willcoop. I really appreciate it.

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Brother Darcy,

:pray:May God shower you and your family with an abundance of STRENGTH, PEACE & WISDOM in these challenging hours. Amen :pray:

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Hi Darcy, I have replied with a PM

It’s great that you were able to write this song. Make sure it’s written down on paper and in a safe place. It will always be a special song to those that were directly involved as well as others that may experience this same hurt in the future. I will be praying for your family.

Thank You. Bcaves. Outside of playing this song several hundred times to get it right I have several copies. I’ve learned so much from this process and it’s unbelievable how many people showed love to our family. I appreciate it very much. It’s my dream that long after I’m gone that someone somewhere will be playing this song. Very happy to share it with everyone. God Bless

I thought if it was good enough that it would be cool one day for Ben to teach this on banjo, guitar and mandolin. That would make my day for sure.
4 positions in C, 3 positions G and 2 positions in F
Hint hint Banjo Ben!!

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Yes sir. I believe. Thanks Ben

Hey all. With some help from Archie here is an extended version of this song sounding a lot more how it sounds in real life also with guitar rhythm. I’m really loving this Tabledit program the more I play with it. Enjoy all. Piper song (Extended version).tef (11.9 KB)

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