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Pinky help!

I’m sorry if this has been covered. I planned on using scales to double as my exercise routine but my pinky does not want to cooperate. Does anyone have any specific advice on how to work my pinky?

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Hi Keith

Alan Munde has an excellent DVD that helped me get lots more movement on my pinkie I call it The Boot Camp for Banjo Players DVD because it reminds me of army basic training. Caution!!! It’s a tough program I am sure you get the picture, anyway here is Alan’s description…


In ten information-rich lessons, master teacher Alan Munde de-mystifies many right and left hand playing techniques. Work with these lessons will add to the player’s dexterity, will increase left hand stretch, solve difficult left hand fingerings, increase speed, and help with the visual organization of the fingerboard.

(93-MU-B2) $29.95

Here’s the link


Thank you Archie!


@Stixx3969, I too have problem with the Pinky. (even the message board has, it suggests to change it a inky, dinky, etc… :wink: ) As it tends to stick with the ring finger and makes it hard to separate it out. This drawback has its own advantages in other things like in volley ball where you don’t have to tape it with a ring finger to keep it safe from attacks. Basically practicing - scales or chords - with different positions is what is helping me slowly to get the finger strength needed to work in isolation and to catch a string on its own.

So work on anything that helps with pinky finger strength!


I think it just takes forcing it until it becomes easier. Closed scales are good.