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Pilot's Licence

Ben, Just got my Pilot’s Licence too


:joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:

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Yep I got a Pilots license But I don’t fly a plane this is what I Pilot. Everywhere from St Paul to New Orleans up to Chicago and to Pittsburg PA, and everywhere in between. Wonder if Mark Twain played a Banjo? Lol20150407_125056-1032x581

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Wow! Okay…I wondered where you were in your video the other day. Now I know!

My Office. I was stopped waiting to pick up barges. When I made it 20170118_203547-1632x918


I got my ticket back in '86 out in the Pacific Northwest shortly after getting out of University. I had a great time flying In Oregon, Washington and British Columbia. So beautiful. I mostly flew out of Paine Field where the Boeing 747 plant is, flying around the mountains or out to the islands or even just hopping over to Victoria for brunch after church. At the time I was also into sailing, you know, being that there are hundreds of islands there too. Unfortunately I just couldn’t really afford both. I found that I got more bang for the buck with sailing so I gave up flying. Now, I’m here in Clearwater, FL and I’ve thought about getting back into it, but I don’t know, it’s so flat here; seems like it would be boring. But I’m putting my cousin, who is a high school Junior, through flying lessons, so I’m living vicariously through him for now. Oh the girls will be all over him next year I think.


Get your seaplane rating!!

haha, yep! That’s an incredible gift you’re giving!

Maggie, great idea from Ben. Flat land also lends itself to getting checked out for aerobatics and flying without motors – just a thought… :sunglasses:

Yeah well you’d think I would have gotten my float endorsement living in Seattle for long, but noooo.

I used to jump out of airplanes too. Does that count as flying without motors? As well as bricks fly I guess.


As to the gift, his grandpa (my uncle) and I have gone in halfies on it. He’s such a bright kid and has always been fascinated with science and he designs aircraft on his computer. There was always someone in my life that turned me on to one thing or another and helped me along the way. So, How could I not?


Absolutely!!! Go to up the road to Jack Brown’s and just watch them for a few minutes… I bet there is no way you DON’T get your rating. Floats and gliders are both a crazy amount of fun, but it doesn’t take 3 people to get a float plane off the ground. One suggestion if you do get your float rating at Brown’s… tell them up front you want to add a little time to enjoy it. They absolutely crank you through there as most folks are trying to get it done as cheap as possible. We added a day for my Father in law, and as a result, I think he had a much better time.


Well, it’s been 25ish years since flying. Although my ticket is good for life, I’d have to do ground school again; all the new electronic gadgets and stuff you know. And get some instructor time… Seems like a lot work. Eh, just for grins though, what and where is Jack Brown’s"?

Ha ha… there are no electronics in the Cubs on floats except for an intercom :smiley:

Jack Brown’s is great little seaplane base in Winter Haven (in the heart of Orlampa).

If I sound like a floatplane enthusiast… guilty as charged. It really is a blast.

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Doggone it, I’m gonna do it!!! Which plane do you recommend I get the rating in?

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J3 all the way. You don’t need or want a big horsepower plane for training. That time it takes to transition to the step is a good thing for training.

We have the Searey, and honestly it handles better on the water than any float plane (that I can imagine anyway), but Carolyn really liked the floats. I think at some point we will likely sell the Searey and get a cub on amphib floats.