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Pickin & Singing

Hey @BanjoBen

Like to suggest topic for some future lessons. Pickin & Singing.

This is something I have tried to do in the past but not had much success. I have been told it is an advanced skill but I am wondering if there are some easy roll patterns (nothing too complex) to ease folks into this.

Possible songs examples might be

Walking Cane
This Land Is Your Land
On top of Old Smokey


Great idea!

Picking as opposed to vamping? Or picking and singing as opposed to not picking or not singing? Either way, it’d be a helpful thing to learn

Just to be clear. Picking & Singing NOT vamping

That’ll be great if Ben can teach me to sing! My coworkers and clients will be ecstatic!


It will be a marvel if he can teach me to do both :rofl:

I live in hope