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Pickin' in Israel

I’m really excited to be leading a group to Israel from 12/26-1/06, but what makes it even better is that I’m getting together with some students/musicians in Galilee while there. They’re roasting some goat and making homemade hummus for our group. A bluegrass band will be pickin’ and I’ll sit in a bit. I’ll keep y’all updated as I can! Here’s a link to our itinerary:

Cool, but man… the timing… :open_mouth:

It’ll be interesting to see how Pastor Gerald ties Bluegrass and Roasted Goat into a sermon illustration :joy:

Turns out he’s not going…his wife had some health issues. I invited a seminary prof of mine (who is also a bluegrass guitar picker) to go along and we’re leading it. Super excited!

It’ll be good! One of my friends over there said, “Don’t worry, this is the Middle East…10 more things will happen before you get here.” Ha!

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Indeed. Worrying about it wouldn’t change a thing.

Have fun and be safe. I really wish we could have made it this year. Some year it will (hopefully) happen.

BTW, You want to use my travel guitar that breaks down or do you have instruments waiting?


I recall some old testament law prohibiting baby goat being cooked in the milk of its mother. It stuck out because… EWWW, and it also seemed pretty specific. Must have been “a thing” at some point.

Yep, it was a thing. Many of the Levitical laws were given to separate Israel from the popular practices of their pagan neighbors.

I think you should cover Jerusalem Ridge while you are there.
Just in case it wasn’t obvious :slight_smile:

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If you can, join me tonight on my Banjo Ben facebook page at 8PM central to hear more about my Israel trip!

Dang… sorry I missed it.

It’s up on my facebook page. I was about 15 mins into it and had an audio error. I had to start over…booo.

Looks like an awesome trip!

Looking at June '19…start planning on it, Mikey :slight_smile:

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