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Pick rotating in my fingers

Got a new blue chip pick and have been trying it out on the mando. Feels pretty good I guess, but I am sill having a problem I had with other flat picks. After a few bars, the pointy tip toward the strings starts to rotate backward toward the bridge and before long I’m trying to pick with the edge of the pick.

I have to stop and reorient the pick toward the strings again. I’m trying to not have so tight a grip on the pick like the lessons say but the only thing that seems to prevent this is a tighter grip, which of course wears my hand out pretty quick. When the edge of the pick comes toward the strings, I’ve tried loosening the grip slightly to see if the next pointy part comes around, but it doesn’t and I lose control of the pick entirely.

I’ve gotta be doing something wrong here. I’m a total noob on the mando so any help is welcome.

If you could maybe post a pic of how you hold your pick, it would be easier for anyone to help. I flatpick guitar, and have had similar problems, but they went away (mostly) when I started holding my pick correctly, with my index and thumb pointing opposite directions.

Try to post a short video looking down the neck as you play so we can see your angle of attack and grip. You might be coming at the strings sideways, which could cause that problem.

I think something along the line of the above is the key. Flatpick grip is interesting, because we want to grip it securely and yet remain loose. This tight/loose thing is fundamental and subtle. Something very helpful for most is to get more skin contact on the pick. What KG suggests is one way to help achieve this. It is something that people get better at over time, but most people don’t eliminate all rotation if they are picking with any force. I get some rotation, and most people do, so you aren’t alone. Over time many get to where they can re-adjust the pick on the fly. Another thing that makes a huge difference is the pick surface. The Primetone textured picks are a real solid feel for me. They are good, inexpensive picks, and worth a try.

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This is something I need to learn to do

This happens to me some. I’m not trying to upsell you, but I love this stuff:

Here’s the pick pics, best I could do holding phone with my left hand.

Was wondering what that stuff was, never got around to reading the description. Great name, but it kind of implies the opposite; snot, gorilla or whatever, is generally pretty slippery isn’t it?

No, just a dab will make your finger quite tacky, and it also sticks to your pick just enough to last for quite a while!

Cool, I’ll try it.

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Miss Maggie, your grip looks really good to me. Some might argue that you could have a little less pick exposed, but I am pretty similar to the way you do are holding it. Gorilla snot sounds like it would be worth a try. I’ll get some on my next order too. Until you get it in, I sometimes wash my BC picks and dry them to remove oils that might have accumulated (and it seems to help).

I agree… nice toes!

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From this third picture, I would rotate the pick clockwise a tad, until it’s point is at right angles with your thumb. Then tuck you index finger just a tad in tighter, until it doesn’t show past your thumb. Then change your hand angle to compensate. That is how I hold my pick, and I used to hold it almost exactly like that, but changed to get more surface area on the pick, like this,

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