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Phone apps

Hey All, I found a great iPhone app called iReal Pro. It’s pretty amazing. Worth the price of $13.99. My friend told me it’s how he practices and since using I am practicing with it nonstop. The program has access to hundreds of song charts in Nashville number format. It allows you to play the song as many times as you like, automatically transposes the key, has practice features, lets you play the track at varying tempo’s and however many times you’d like. You can even make changes to the chord charts or make your own. I’ve been playing along with several of @BanjoBen’s songs on the mandolin and change the charts to fit Ben’s often more interesting chord changes. It’s really great. Anyway, just thought I’d let you know about this. I have no interest in the product other than I am finding it helpful and thought some on here could really enjoy it. The app gives a simulated band experience too allowing you to mute parts you don’t want to hear.

Anyone else have any helpful apps they use for practicing?

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That sounds cool!

I use “Strum Machine”. constantly. Its got guitar, bass and mandolin backing tracks on hundreds of songs as well as the possibility of inputing your own. It was developed by Luke Abbot from the Toneway Family. Like it says “Any song in any key at any tempo”. Costs a few bucks a month but well worth it.

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