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PDF trouble

When I click on the “PDF tab” under both “Guitar - Open G Major Scale” and “Boogie Woogie Runs in G” (and, I suspect, anything else), I get "This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below. ", with a bunch of computerspeak gobbledy-gook. Am I doing something wrong?

Andddddd now it’s working. Don’t know what that was all about . . . so sorry, false alarm!

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sometimes you just have to refresh hte page if you’ve been on it too long.

I bet that was it, thanks!

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Hmmm, I just tried “Store lesson offline”, so I could show it to my local teacher, to use for my lesson, but immediately got “Download Failed”. What’s the story on that? Thanks!

Again, though, no worries - it doesn’t sound like this feature is meant to be used the way I was thinking: that I store it on my computer, then e-mail it to my teacher, so he can tailor his lesson with me to suit it; which makes sense: otherwise, I guess the unscrupulous would pay for a month, then download everything and say adios. Oh well, I’ll find another way . . … Thanks!

Yep, the “store lesson offline” feature stores one lesson’s video files in your browser’s cache file. The tabs and backing tracks can be downloaded to your hard drive, however.

Hi Jamey, IMHO I don’t think it is very respectful to download @BanjoBen 's Lessons and share with another teacher without seeking permission from Ben… Everything you need to learn to play your instrument of choice is right here on the website,

But If you want/need face to face private instruction then your private teacher should provide the lesson content and the syllabus for you, not plagiarise someone else’s work.

Ben has invested a lot of money, worked long and hard to build this website and the hundreds of lessons he has created to provide an income to support his family. Just saying I think it’s wrong


Totally get what you’re saying, Archie, and it wouldn’t be for that purpose. More like," hey, here’s the BB lesson I’m doing. In the course of doing it, can you spot mechanical things I’m doing that I can improve upon? Am I doing it right? Am I misunderstanding anything?" - things only a face-time session can provide - not “hey, here’s another guy’s work you can rip off! Snap!”

We ain’t that kind, brother.


Hi Jamey, @BanjoBen has said he is fine with this so it’s fine by me.