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Paypal doesn't work


I tried to purchase a lesson via Paypal but doesn’t work…Even though I selected Paypal as the paying method I have to give a creditcard number. I don’t own a creditcard, can you help me out?
best regards
Anurakt (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

I linked your post to the Help Forum…that is monitored by people regularly, and where these type subjects usually get addressed.

Big travelling holiday here and Ben is gone for a couple days…I’m sure he or someone else will reply to you as soon as possible.

You can deposit money into paypal, or link it to your bank account, or use a credit card, or use a debit card.

Yes they will require some sort of account number or a card number, as they deal in electronic transfer of moneys.

Thank you for your patience,



Hey Anurakt!

I’m so sorry about your error! I’ve been out of town and just now getting caught up. Can you reply and let me know if the problem persists? Often PayPal can be down for a while but they’re pretty good about getting it up and running. Also feel free to contact me through the contact form.

Hi Ben,

Still not working… not possible to pay via Paypal without adding a credit card.
How about transferring the payment via Paypal direct?
It seems to be possible to make a payment to
kind regards,

Very odd because I’ve got several PayPal payments both yesterday and today. Please send me what lesson you want to