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Pava wide nut

Anyone here own a Pava wide neck?

I guess not…Anyway pretty sure I’m gon pull the trigger on a Pava Satin Model A Wide Nut Torrefied tomorrow morning. I’m hoping it’ll be be everything I’m hoping it’ll be… 1 3/16 inch nut width


That’s a beauty! I have a Collings with a 1 3/16" neck. I do like the neck size. I have another one with 1 1/4" and I prefer the 1 3/16"

Looks awesome! Looks like it’s coming from the Mandolin store?

What a wonderful mandolin!!! You’re gonna LOVE it!

Do you happen to be a member of the mandolincafe? Posting under the name CBfrench?

@BanjoBen I have it in my cart but having a hard time clicking buy. Just don’t know how much better the sound and playability is going to be than what I have but the $$$ difference is sure greater than my 305

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Talked to Brian almost an hour at mandolin store, went on and ordered the Pava, yeah can’t wait!


You didn’t make a mistake. The one Pave A-style I had come through the store was the best A I’ve ever played.

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