Our members in the path of Hurricane Michael


@Archie raised a point in another post concerning the recent storm. We have members here in Florida and most of us are fine I think, but @cliff.killingsworth in Pensacola and perhaps others of our members were in the path of Hurricane Michael in the Florida panhandle and Georgia and the Carolinas.

Several towns on the Florida coast there are in complete ruins and Pensacola is just west of where it made landfall as category 4 hurricane. If any of you were in or near the path of the storm and somehow have made it on-line and see this, please check in and let us know you’re OK.

Please send prayers and well wishes to all those affected by this storm.


Hi @Maggie How well did Orlando ride out the storm ?


Orlando is fine, they are pretty Far East of where the storm came on shore. The center of the storm came over us in middle ga as either a Catagory 1 or tropical storm. We were extremely blessed to have no trees down at our house and we never lost power. Our neighbors however still don’t have power back, go figure. Hurricane Irma from last year did way more damage at our place than this one. My brother and his family live in Pensacola and they had no damage. The damage in Mexico Beach and Panama City is absolutely unreal! They need lots of prayers.
I do hope our annual Builders for Christ mission trip for next year will be somewhere in the panhandle.


Thanks for the report Brandon @Bcaves , glad you’re OK.


Thanks Brandon glad to hear you guy’s are OK. My Granddaughter is heading to Orlando in a couple of weeks. Praying for y’all


Amen… May God bless all in the storms path.


Hi all! I don’t post often, but do read often and learn much. We’re about 45 min north of Panama City and I can tell you it will be a long, long recovery process for many of us. We are still without power but doing well. God is good! His power during this storm was AMAZING! Never forget who is in control. I understand most of the media is focused on Callaway/Parker/Tyndall/Mexico Beach area and they were indeed devastated. But please keep all our tiny rural communities that were as heavily impacted in your prayers as well. Cell service is spotty in areas - non existent in others. People are loving on each other, supporting each other, caring for each other just as we were called to do. The emergency services response has been incredible. Just saw where NYPD rolled into Marianna earlier today with cruisers and a bus loaded with supplies.


Praying for y’all! Let me know how I can help you!


I heard from a friend of mine today from Port St Joe. They didn’t salvage much from their home. He actually just told me they are condemning Mexico Beach and everyone has to leave. I’m not sure exactly what that means but it don’t sound good. He said the only reason he had cell service to reply was because he was offshore. Crazy that he has service out there.


Thanks for thinking of me on the forum. Here in Pensacola we are fine. We have a pest control office in Panama City Beach with 4 employees. The west side of the bay is relatively OK but without power. The East side is totally devastated from Panama City to Tallahassee. My sister is without power on the westside of Tallahassee with trees down but her house is fine. Two employees have severe property damage in Lynn Haven but everyone is OK. Our mechanic’s family lost two houses in the Callaway area. Along the interstate 60 miles from the coast is impacted as well (Chipley, Marianna, Mt Vernon, etc.) We have been through this after Ivan in '04 here in Pensacola but it was mostly storm surge along the coastal areas. This is wind damage all the way from the coast to the state line and beyond. It was unbelievable to drive through.


Hard to imagine but I know it’s bad and people are struggling. Lot’s nof prayers.


Glad you’re OK. Thanks for the update. Praying for your family and your people…


Prayers are very much needed and appreciated. Still without power here, but that’s such a minor issue when stacked against what others are facing. Complete and total destruction of neighborhoods I grew up riding a bike through. Small town American values are still alive and well in the Panhandle!