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Well, I bought a lifetime Gold Pick membership over two and a half years ago and I’ve never posted in the forum!

Truth be told, I didn’t know there was one.

When I joined, I started going through some beginner videos, then got really busy with my business and let it fall by the wayside, but it’s time to get back in to this!
I’ve always been a musician, and I’ve always wanted to play banjo. I’m so glad I have this membership and this forum is available. Maybe some interaction here can keep me on track!

Ben, I love what you’ve done with the place. It’s much prettier and better laid out than when I first joined!

Anyway, that’s my poor attempt at an intro thread. Hope to be posting more often here soon!


Welcome to the Forum Jason. I was a long time member and first-time poster a short while back. Its a great community. Jump in. I think you will like what you find.

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Welcome, @jcwyatt1! Good to have you. Yep, lots has changed around here :wink:

One big thing that has changed is my beginner learning track for the banjo. It starts you at the very beginning and walks you step by step through the learning process…check it out at the top of the banjo page!

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Good to meet you Jason. The forum here is way more active than it was on the old site. This is an incredibly helpful group of folks. If you hit any snags, just post them here and you’ll get all kinds of answers.

Welcome @jcwyatt1! Don’t be a stranger, k? Pull up a chair, do some pickin’ & grinin’ - and share the journey with us here at the forum!

Welcome to @BanjoBen 's Forum Jason, as I recall the old website had a Forum but Ben didn’t know it existed I know that cos he never frequented it. I have to say I rarely visited it myself, never could figure out how to post a message.

This Forum is way much better, lots of friendly folks offering help and encouragement to all need. Ben is here most of the time, except when he is at the store in Washburn, Missouri, down visiting kinfolk in Kilgore Texas, flying his aeroplane, huntin, shootin and creating comedy sketches with Tarvin Dillard, meeting his old friend and mentor Alan Munde for coffee and cake in Nashville, creating lessons each week on Guitar, Mandolin and Banjo not to mention answering a ton of emails and messages from his admiring students. How he has time to eat (he loves food) sleep visit the john and raise a young family beats me. Did I mention he loves food. He preaches at church on Sunday, organises and supervises trips Israel, Cuba and India in his spare time and has a list of chores longer than Santa’s naughty and nice list.

By the way my name is Archie and I live on the other side of the big pond in Scotland. I am retired I don’t play golf or the bagpipes so I have lots of free time to enjoy learning to play banjo and annoy all the other Gold Pick Members here on Ben’s Forum. If you have any questions just fire away, only to glad to help if I am able if not I just waffle a lot of nonsense to make you feel welcome and important until Ben is free to address your query.

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