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Old Joe clark measures

I ve noticed that sometimes it is not clear to me what a Measure should sound like…thats because in the following measure is becomes clear! Also in Measure no 9 to 10 for instaande…Its far more difficult to learn that Measure without the 10 th… Together it becomes a clear musical message.
That happens often to me…as if every measure…is on its own…and its not!


Hi @Adriaan I always single out the difficult measures and work on them in isolation FIRST. Sometimes splitting the measure can make learning a lick much easier. Also learn the measure before and after the difficult lick that way you have an entry and an exit point.

Are you working with TEF files ? If not check out this thread. Using this software will let you hear how a lick or a measure should sound.


I think that’s true for a lot of songs. The timing of a given measure can be weird when isolated. Throwing in half notes, triplets, dotted notes, it can sound almost alien when played by itself. Like so many other things in life, context is key.