Old Joe Clark Mandolin Contest!


Good Job boys.


Great job, everyone! I’ll do a FB live today at noon central and also post the 3 winners here. I’ll then follow up with the winners via email. Thanks!


Nice job, Rebecca. All that and left handed too. Great!!


Mighty impressive!


Thanks Wendell. I use Banjo Ben’s site a lot and I take an “on-ground” lesson and hour a week. Practice every day 2-4 times


Good job. Keep it up


It’s funny to see so many put themselves in front of the camera and play. Really enjoyed all of them.


Yes, it’s good for people! I’m so proud of the entries! It takes a lot of courage and hard work to make a video and upload it. Even if an entrant doesn’t win, they still benefit from the process greatly.


Congrats to Courtney (@Wendell) Martin, Ron Gray (@rsgray1906), and Art Gibson ( @Art) for winning the contest! You can watch the video of me drawing the winners at facebook.com/thebanjoben

I’ll be emailing the winners, so keep an eye out for that. AND, check back later this week for a banjo contest! Thanks for all the entries!


Thanks, @BanjoBen! We enjoyed it! Looking forward to the banjo contest now…


Thanks for the contest Ben!!!


Congratulations to the winners and to everyone who put up an entry!

It’s great to see so many put up a video entry!


Just like to echo what Dave Long had to say and add that it is really nice to see lots more ladies posting vids.



This was my first time ever recording myself on any instrument. One thing I noticed in the process was that I was shooting myself in the foot with my fretting hand. I noticed that I was curling my wrist underneath the mandolin as a way to cradle the neck, which was actually severely inhibiting my reach up the neck with my ring and pinky fingers.


(I commented on one problem here). I started working on a more solid wrist position and saw instant improvement.

I wondered if I was doing the same thing with my banjo playing. Sure 'nuff. I made the adjustments and licks I’ve had trouble with for years instantly worked themselves out.


So many great musicians on here playing for the love of the music. I’m inspired! I enjoyed every single video!


Very nice take on that. Sounded almost like a waltz. I think I heard some minor notes in there too.


Mark, if you’re not performing publicly for people, you really should be.


Thanks! My goal is to get good enough on banjo to find a local bluegrass band to do gigs with. That was my intention when I joined Ben’s site… then life got in the way, but trying to get back on track.


Thanks for the contest Ben that even beginners could participate. I thoroughly enjoyed and was inspired by all of the videos!