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Old Joe Clark Mandolin Contest!

Most contests are out of reach for beginners, but not this one! Closely follow the instructions below to be entered! WATCH THE VIDEO!

Old Joe Clark Mandolin Contest!
Contest Lesson: Old Joe Clark Advanced Mandolin (optional, see rules below)
Contest Submission Deadline: Wednesday, 6 June, at 11:59PM Central


  • Must submit video link on THIS THREAD below by Wednesday, 6 June, at 11:59PM Central.
  • Submit ANY mandolin version of “Old Joe Clark” at ANY speed to receive one entry.
  • Receive ADDITIONAL entry if you also submit my advanced solo at any speed. You can see that lesson here.
  • A maximum of two entries per contestant: one for your own version and an additional possible for playing my advanced solo.
  • You may use my basic mandolin lesson solo as your first version. You can see it here.
  • Intro and ending is not required.
  • Rhythm track is not required.
  • US residents only (for prize purposes, unless you agree to pay shipping). See FAQ section below.
  • Video submissions must allow me to hear and see you play.
  • Winner will receive a Bluechip flatpick of their choice from those shown HERE, a set of strings, and a case sticker, a $50 value!
  • Winner to be announced both here and on facebook Thursday, 6 June.
  • All contest participants give permission for me to possibly share their name, general location, and video submission both here and to social media.


  • Do I have to be a Gold Pick member? A: No, but you must submit video link here which requires you to at least create a free Silver Pick account. You can do that HERE.
  • Do I have to use a JamTrack MP3 from your site to play along with? A: No, not for this contest.
  • Do I have to play the solos perfectly? A: No, your submission can have mistakes. I want you to try!
  • How do I submit my video? A: Upload to YouTube or Vimeo and paste the link in the thread below.
  • How are the winners chosen? A: I will take all eligible entries and enter them into a randomizer application that will select 3 winners.
  • Is shipping included if I win? A: Yes, if you are a resident of the United States. You may enter from abroad, but you are then responsible for shipping costs if you win.

If you have questions, please submit them below. I’ll answer them in an edit of this post and delete your post so that entries only will be shown below.

LOL! I forgot about the RattleSnake at the end of the preview video. Cracks me up every time! :rofl:

This is going to be a fun contest!

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So just to be sure I get it, to enter we need to paste the link to our video HERE, right? And if you want to be entered 2x, you play each version one right after the other?

Yes, that is correct. All entries must be posted here in this thread.

Yes, any two versions but one must be my advanced version. You can have a break in between, but it must be in the same video. Thanks!

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Here is the link to my son’s entry for the Old Joe Clark Mandolin Contest!

His name is Evan.


very nice job he’d get my vote or sure

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I think we have a new record for fastest entry. :smiley:


And I’m supposed to upload my feeble attempt in the same thread as Evan?? Geeze…

Great job, Evan! I hope that mandolin is sturdy, because you’re gonna have to beat the girls off with it one of these days.


Lol :joy:


Perry Dunn’s entry:


Hey Banjo Ben, here is my entry! Enjoy.


Great multi instrument entry Grace. Perhaps @BanjoBen might consider adding an extra prize for such a special effort. No pressure Ben :sweat_smile:


Here’s my (sloppy) entry. Even this simple tune exposes a weakness in my right hand and wrist! One take!!Ak3BT3lbQt3Xg9YGDuuQbnRu2m1jbA


To anyone still working on this, I used one of Ben’s backing tracks and made a perfect loop track to practice with.

Just click on that link and then click the Download button at the bottom left.

You have to use a media player that doesn’t pause at the end of a song for the loop to sound right. I use Audacity, which you can get here for free.

In Audacity, Shift + Space Bar is the shortcut to play a track on repeat. Also, you can click on Effect in the top menu, then click “Change Tempo…” to slow it down.

Good luck to everyone!


Hi Ben, here’s my entry, it’s not perfect, but I had fun learning the advanced version.


Great job, y’all! I want to reiterate that to receive 2 entries, you need to submit two versions of Old Joe Clark, one being my advanced version, in the same video. This is stated in the rules above. I have a couple video entries submitting only my advanced solo, which is good for one entry only. Thanks!

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From Spain, an entry for the Old Joe Clark Beginner version! :crazy_face:
Old Joe Clark
Only for fun! Julia


Here is my video, thanks! I’ve got work to do, but it sure is fun! I had been switching positions instead of using my pinky for the basic version. Thought I’d try with the pinky even though it seems like a foreign digit! Messed up the run on the second version, but kept this video because I got back on track.


Alright! A double entry!