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Not liking skipping practice

It’s been a busy southbound trip, been wore plum a&& out when I got off watch. So have missed practicing the last couple days. Hopefully after lunch I’ll get about an hour in (Lawd knows I need it lol)


I know what you mean. I sat down last night for my first practice in many days. Man, could I tell I hadn’t been playing. I need to hurry up and retire. :slight_smile:


I have taken a few days off. I find I can become negative about practice struggles at times so I take a break. I figure if Earl says he did it at times its ok. Lol.

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You out there Woody? I’m hoping you weren’t pickin when you shoulda been lockn.

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I find having a few days off spurs me to work harder. Guilt I suppose :innocent:


Unloading barges this morning tonight and tomorrow so getting in some good banjo Time. Ahhhhhhhhhh




Nope Boat Drivin first then eat rest and Pick in that order lol

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Can’t think of a better place to play the Banjo then a Captains Chair on a boat.


Me either

What part of the country you workin in?
I too have missed a lot of practice over the past two weeks due to work. It takes a few days to clean the rust off, but it seems like I always progress a little after the initial few days of practice after a break. I’m not sure why that is, but I think it’s probably because my brain has time to soak in some stuff and maybe I even loose a few small bad repetitive habits.

Right now I’m about 60 miles above Baton Rouge. I will take these empty barges north to St Louis to be refilled with coal and bring them back here again. Roughly 12 to 14 days round trip St Louis to St Louis. And I Belive your right my today’s practice Worried Man Blues I can actually start hearing a melody appear

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Sounds like an awesome job!

I do love my work, and being Capt is the best job on the boat. Lol

A lot better than swabbing the deck, which is what I would be doing:laughing:

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