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Not getting emails on new lessons

Are you still sending alerts that new lessons are posted? I hadn’t seen any for awhile so I checked the site and saw that there were three new lessons.

Hi John, Emails are still coming out, I got my last one on Friday. As for lessons, a new lesson is posted every week.

Go to your profile and check your settings. Also check your mail box it’s possible that some messages have ended up in your Junk Mail folder

Howdy @jfgerhartz! I see that you were getting store emails, but marked the emails as spam on October 12 of last year. I just removed that block as it would keep you from getting any of my emails. As far as new lesson emails, I see that you have the lists selected but you weren’t being sent them for a reason I’m investigating. Can you tell me if you remember when you selected to be on the lists on your account page? Thanks for your patience!

Thanks for your response Ben, I just checked and coincidentally (or not) I received my last lesson notification on Oct 12. I’ve had an ongoing issue with my mail program misidentifying messages as spam; however, I do regularly check my spam folder to make sure I haven’t missed anything. None of your emails have been there. As to when I signed up for the lists, I believe it was concurrent with my joining as a Gold Picker on Jan 13, 2017. “Gig 'em!” (I’m a Buckeye, but my daughter s an Aggie).

I got you on every list from here to Budapest, now.