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Not funny to me

The last days of life may not be funny . My hands do not work together and it is a fight to play something worth hearing , I seem to be getting worse than better . I used to play or practice 7 hours a day and had it going very well ,but it is about over for me playing anything . I want every one here to know I appreciate the help and the great conversations we have had . I still play about 30 minutes a day, won’t quit until the blood stops flowing. Play as much as you want to, time has a way of taking things from you. I am happy to be around family and friends here . And am helping a grandson learn guitar. I am still useful . Just teaching basic stuff for now may help him get a membership here later on. Keep playing that great bluegrass Music. Just remember music is a great gift from God .


Hi Welder, I’m kinda new here and have not had the pleasure of meeting you. I’m sorry to hear about your troubles. Beginning to see little subtle signs of this myself I do wish you the very best. Yes, get your Grandson on that guitar.

Butch B.

Love you, buddy, and I’m thankful for you! I am praying for you and please let me know if I can help with anything.

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Man this post makes me so sad. It’s a literal fear of mine to lose the ability to play music. I just don’t know what I would do.

You’ll be in my thoughts and prayers, man. If there’s anything I can do to help, please let me know. I don’t know what it would be, but I’ll help if I can.

Wishing you peace and comfort. Embrace your new role as teacher. Let your grandsons music be your joy.

Kenny, we miss having you around as often. That’s pretty awesome that you are teaching your grandson. I’ll be praying for you!

God bless you and be with you, Ken. Praying for you and yours as well. Glad to hear you still play and what a beautiful gift for your grandson… your legacy of music! Keep the faith, brother.

Hi Welder. I am relatively new to this site and I do not know you well, however, I do appreciate your focus on the importance of family and friends…

I am also newer to the site and tell you that your words inspire us. Enjoy our quest… the joy is in the journey - not just the ability to finally play through a song cleanly.

Each of us know full well the frustrations of wanting to improve rapidly… and I know I get caught up in that “strive to excel”. We share our great bond to the music, the instrument, our teacher and this community. Those of us (like me) who pick up the Banjo later in life… especially feel that time is an unmoving constraint- because we just want to play better. We sometimes lose sight of what we have…

However, not ONE of us can fathom being without music and playing.

I know I will try to pull back… as I sometimes do… and just listen to what I can do… the progress made in recent months… and simply the glorious sound that the instrument makes as it speaks to us when we play… rather than just moving along to that next song… or repeating that one hard passage we can’t master for the thousandth time… only to get discouraged. Oh WHY… do we do that? Why must we allow the trials affect our drive and motivation?

I promise to heed your words.

It makes me feel blessed to allow your words to soak in… and tell you we still hear your voice… to simply find peace with our playing - at every skill level through which we progress.

Thank you sir… and may God’s peace blanket you in knowing YOUR message was heard…

God Bless!

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